My Documentary Filmmaking Experience


My first company Two Wheels Productions completed Soop on Wheels in 1998. This multi-layered story on the life and contributions of Everett Soop (1943-2001) presents a brilliant yet under-recognized Blackfoot political cartoonist, journalist and public speaker, despite the affliction of muscular dystrophy. The film was shot in southern Alberta, Canada.

Everett became a friend and mentor through our 14-year friendship, during which his courage and honesty became the inspiration to relate a timeless and universal message about the tenacity of the human spirit and the courage to confront adversity.

Such individuals are spiritual teachers for the rest of us. They do so in their willingness to pursue the hero's journey. Through their creative gifts, they compel us to awaken to the value and the wholeness of each and every human being, regardless of misguided perceptions about disability and other misperceptions of human difference.

Everett Soop challenged the discrimination that he experienced, for many years confronting such adversity through his political satire. Later, through public speaking, he sought to educate audiences about muscular dystrophy. Moreover, as a Blackfoot person proud of his First Nation cultural identity, he inspired Aboriginal youth (First Nation, Metis and Inuit) to believe in themselves and the importance of their contributions to create a better world.

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