My Mentoring Services



  • ACADEMIC COUNSELLOR/TUTOR I - develop practical writing, organizational and related skills
  • ACADEMIC COUNSELLOR/TUTOR II - guide students to clarify choices about potential career/vocation paths
  • TRANSFORMATIVE MENTOR I - awaken closer alignment with the client's particular human potential
  • TRANSFORMATIVE MENTOR II - awaken multicultural sensitivity/awareness
  • MENTOR TO ASPIRING CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS -guide clients about the reality of the creative industries
  • MENTOR FOR MIDLIFE TRANSITIONS - guide clients through personal and/or professional upheavals to move forward



  • Active listening, perceptiveness and compassion with clients
  • Facilitate awakening of client's innate capability and responsibility to learn and grow
  • Customizing a formal, step-by-step journey for each client with agreed-upon outcomes
  • Awareness how to negotiate patterns of resistance and fear to move client forward
  • Psychological and creative processes to identify soft skills needing attention
  • Psychological and creative processes to develop behavioural competencies
  • Experiential practices to develop critical thinking skills
  • Experiential practices to develop problem solving skills
  • Experiential practices to improve communication skills, oral and written


Also refer to Workshops and Teaching service sections.

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