My Mentoring Experience


The purpose of my professional life continues to be dedicated to human well being and understanding, not only as a helping professional yet also as a life-long learner.

Transformative Learning


A future book will describe the creative processes of healing and renewal, showing and telling how personal narrative is a transformative tool.

My mentoring philosophy and practice is influenced by studies and experiential learning through a seven-year journey, to determine:

Psychosynthesis Training


Trainee in Psychosynthesis Coach Training through a 60-hour teleconference program in spring/summer 2014, facilitated by Dorothy Firman, Director of The Synthesis Center, Massachusetts, USA 

Trainee in Psychosynthesis, targeted to helping professionals, at intermittent yet intensive weekend workshops, 1997 to 2001, led by Tom Yeomans. He is an American psychotherapist and teacher of Psychosynthesis who, with his wife, psychotherapist Anne Yeomans, studied with Roberto Assagioli (founder of Psychosynthesis) in Florence, Italy.

Therapeutic Touch


Trainee in full three-level programme of Therapeutic Touch (T.T.) with Crystal Hawk, a master T.T. practitioner, educator in several energy modalities and Gestalt psychotherapist/educator, in Ontario.

Distress Centre


Volunteer for 10 years at the Toronto Distress Centre, founded by United Church Reverend Gordon Winch, and trained by him in his compassionate `Befriending' approach to:

Holistic Learning


2012 Social Change Institute, Hollyhock, British Columbia, June 6-10, - for seasoned thinkers and trainers; participant in focus forums, dialogue circles, and leadership workshops on social and environmental justice

Participant at many traditional Indigenous elders gatherings and also holistic healing workshops:

Academic Counselling

Over and above duties as a part-time teacher, I provided, at student's request:

  • one-on-one sessions with students to improve their writing skills; and
  • further mentoring, to identify and transform emotional distress, and/or discuss future life directions.
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