My Public Speaking Services



  • Keynote Lecturer
  • Guest Panelist
  • Symposium Presenter
  • Film Facilitator
  • Public Forum Moderator
  • Public Forum Organizer



  • Why the Arts are Essential in School Education
  • Media Literacy as a Tool for Conflict Resolution
  • The Yin Yang of Cross-Cultural Work
  • How Personal Transformation Relates to Global Transformation
  • The Challenges for Creative Arts to be a Calling and a Business
  • Deconstructing Cultural Racism Through the Lens of Media Literacy
  • Healing the Split in Human Consciousness Through Spiritual Psychology
  • The Descent to the Goddess: One Woman's Experience of the Hero's Journey
  • The Roles of Transformative Media as Tools for Hope and Healing
  • The Importance of Documentary Film Narratives for a World in Transition
  • The Power of Storytelling to Transform the Wounded Soul
  • How Psychosynthesis is Relevant to the 21st Century


Also see Teaching and Workshops service sections. Please contact me to discuss other possible topics of interest, for me to offer services as a speaker for your upcoming organizational, institutional or business events.

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