Related Filmmaking Activities


- Participant in Crowdfunding for Creative Social Change workshop, Toronto, Ontario, May 1, 2013, by Ian Mackenzie, media activist and filmmaker;

- Also Documentary Storytelling and Film Structure workshop, Toronto, June 2-3, 2012, by Tom Schlesinger, screenwriting trainer, story consultant & screenwriter;

- Presenting Soop on Wheels in schools and community groups, with group discussions and experiential activities in longer workshops;

- Active in political advocacy to criticize major arts cuts in recent years, and to speak out on the consequent reduced freedom of expression as a threat to democratic nation states;

- Writing "The New World of Imaginative Seeing: Interactive Media," a feature article in POV magazine, Issue 71, Fall 2008.


Film Projects in Development

Earth and Stars Productions is my new film production company, as one division of my corporation Awakening to Possibility.

More films-in-development are on hold until the future. I currently am writing a book.

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