Psychosynthesis Training


Trainee in Psychosynthesis Coach Training through a 60-hour teleconference program in spring/summer 2014, facilitated by Dorothy Firman, Director of The Synthesis Center, Massachusetts, USA 

Trainee in Psychosynthesis, targeted to helping professionals, at intermittent yet intensive weekend workshops, 1997 to 2001, led by Tom Yeomans. He is an American psychotherapist and teacher of Psychosynthesis who, with his wife, psychotherapist Anne Yeomans, studied with Roberto Assagioli (founder of Psychosynthesis) in Florence, Italy.

Pyschosynthesis training requires an intellectual and experiential comprehension of concepts and practices, that include but are not limited to:

  • the study of Assagioli's model of human levels of consciousness;
  • identifying our subpersonalities and learning `disidentification' processes;
  • exploring patterns of resistance that obstruct us from moving through change;
  • distinguishing `Personal Will' from `Transpersonal Will' in motivations and actions.


For information on the work of Tom Yeomans, go to www.concordinstitute.org

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