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Fundraisers in mid-western Ontario, following natural disasters respectively in Haiti, Japan, and The Phillipines, screening my documentary Soop on Wheels and my guest appearance for Q & A, on behalf of:

  • Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund 2010, at Walkerton Jubilee Hall, Bruce County, Ontario
  • Red Cross Japan Tsunami/Earthquake Relief Fund 2011, at Hanover Civic Theatre, Grey County, Ontario
  • Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Fund 2013, at Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario               (See my blog post, Nov. 2013 "Fundraising for Philippines - We Are a Human Family")


"Do the Media Escalate Conflict?" A 1994 St. Lawrence Centre Forum, Toronto, Canada, co-sponsored by the Association for Media Literacy and the Society for Conflict Resolution in Ontario.


"THE ARTS IN SCHOOLS, To Be Or Not To Be?" A St. Lawrence Centre Forum, sponsored by the Coalition for the Arts and Education, moderated by Joyce Zemans, art historian/teacher, with panelists:
Stuart Gray, a business student at University of Ottawa who emphasized how his arts education developed problem solving skills valuable in the business world;
Fernando Hernandez, an Indigenous artist/teacher who described the transformative value of the arts for South American children living in poverty;
Diane Loeb, a marketing manager & former professional opera singer;
Richard Slye, a photomontage artist, using art to deconstruct militarism and a media lecturer.


"Is Diversity of Expression Under Siege by New Technologies?" A St. Lawrence Centre Forum sponsored by the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), moderated by Andy Barrie, host of Metro Morning on CBC Radio, Toronto, with panelists:
Doris Anderson, author, veteran journalist, and editor;
Jim Carroll, expert on the internet world and author of Canadian Internet Handbook
Heather Robertson, author & journalist who courageously launched, and won, two precedent-setting class action suits against Thomson and Torstar media corporations;
Evan Solomon, expert in new media and social impact, who became one of news anchors (but no longer) on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's CBCNewsworld television network.

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