We are here on Earth to learn how to become more caring.

Support the fight against a deep geological repository (DGR) for high level nuclear waste (used fuel bundles) proposed on prime farmland in Ontario by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO). The lead grassroots group fighting it is Protect Our Waterways - No Nuclear Waste. No DGR based on this design yet operates anywhere in the world. For that reason, the grassroots group in the Municipality of South Bruce is fighting side-by-side with northern Ontario residents including First Nations near Ignace, where a second site also is being tested by the NWMO. For a global perspective, which identifies unresolved problems regarding DGRs, read the World Nuclear Waste Report 2019.

Bless the Saugeen Ojibwa Nation (SON) whose vote end of January 2020 against the other DGR, proposed by Ontario Power Generation (OPG), intended for low-and-intermediate level nuclear waste, stopped it receiving a licence and being constructed near the shoreline of Lake Huron. See the websites of SOS Great Lakes and also Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump to read the history behind that battle.

Let us strive together as a human family, choosing to exercise our highest consciousness in all our decisions, to safeguard our planet for the future well-being of the children yet unborn and all planetary life.


Awakening to possibility is the promise and hope through our life journey, a constant through life that never abandons us. Simply in being alive we are lifelong learners, to whom life lessons continue to be offered. Growing closer to our human potential, however, means the most important lessons arrive in ways unanticipated, unsought and, regrettably, often unnoticed, by our conscious mind.

A profound truth is that it is we who abandon possibility whenever we resist opportunities to open our minds, and our hearts, to new experiences that deepen and expand our understanding about life and living. Another universal truth is, that possibility remains within us, as an undercurrent in the river of life, indeed, as a hearkening of the soul to call us toward our human potential.

The quest for learning can bestow riches for the mind, the heart, the body and the soul. The `flower of life' symbol is a metaphor for the knowledge we can freely choose to gather. This ancient symbol of sacred geometry is universal, and is said to represent patterns of creation from any living cellular structure on earth to the galaxies.
Flower Of Life

Indeed, the adventure of life is not limited to the global travels that we take, even when they are to the farthest reaches of the earth. As well, whether on the home front or abroad, it is through opening the door to our interior landscape that we discover, and can choose to develop, a range of innate ways of knowing that include the human heart.

The project of our time is not what the enchantment of technology is bringing to us. More pertinent is what we can bring to the design and applications of technologies that can complement the evolution of human consciousness. Each and every one of us - our ways of knowing once awakened - potentially can heal and transform a troubled world. Thoughts and actions that are life affirming are what conceive the energetic possibility of wellness, joy, love and peace to be experienced among the human family everywhere on this sacred Earth.

Wherever you are on your own journey, explore Special Interests and contact me with inquiries about the services identified above that I offer, to learn concepts and practices that could awaken and develop your particular wisdom, for inner peace and to make a difference in the world.

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