ARCTIC EIDER SOCIETY - Working with the seasons

Sustaining the integrity of sea ice ecosytems, and developing community-based research, monitoring and education programs in the Canadian Arctic.

Center for Ecoliteracy - Education for Sustainable Living

Creates educational materials, organizes public events, provides online resources and consulting services, connecting with educators in North America and on six continents.

The Esalen Institute - pioneering deep change

Offers an integral learning environment, located in Big Sur, California, for a network of global seekers devoted to the belief we are all capable of the extraordinary.

Findhorn Foundation - holistic learning community - ecovillage

A holistic centre and community in Scotland, based on spiritual principles to facilitate a new human consciousness in co-creation with nature, for service in the larger world.

Food Secure Canada - agriculture-environment-health-food-justice

Aims to unite people and organizations to advance policies and programs on food security in Canada and globally.

Friends of Bruce - concerns about proposed radioactive waste DGR

Impressive research by, and background story of, a group of Inverhuron residents, Bruce County, Ontario,about risks/dangers of proposed radioactive waste deep geologic repository (DGR) within one kilometre of Lake Huron.

HOLLYHOCK - Canada's Lifelong Learning Centre

A unique Canadian Ocentre to inspire, nourish and support people who make the world better through holistic, transformative events held in a beautiful natural setting.

Institute of Science in Society - science - society - sustainability

Dedicated to providing critical and accessible scientific information to the public, and promoting social accountability and ecological sustainability in science.

Meeting Place Organic Farm - sustainable nutritious food

An authentic ecological model of farming that not only sells organic produce yet, moreover, offers consulting, holistic management training and a farm tour in midwestern Ontario, Canada. 

SPIRITUALITY & PRACTICE - Resources for Spiritual Journeys

A life-affirming website that identifies resources on the world's religions and spiritual paths, respecting the differences while celebrating what they share in common.

TED Talks - Ideas worth spreading

Highlights, free online, fascinating thinkers and doers who present short talks on topics pertinent to our time, and introduces related TED programmes to bring the world together.

WiserEarth - The Social Network for Sustainability

Showcases a global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, Indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship.





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