"I attended Sandy Greer's presentation at the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis conference in Montreal (June 2015). I was impressed, from the very beginning - and throughout - with Sandy's passion for, and dedication to, her subject `Honouring the Sacred Feminine Within Us and All Planetary Life.' Her enthusiasm is infectious! Her subject, on the importance of the feminine principle and why our suffering world needs to honor it more fully, is a most important one. Sandy has clearly done extensive and wide-ranging reading and research on the `Sacred Feminine,' distilling and synthesizing key points for participants, which was very helpful both in her powerpoint and in her verbal presentation. The experiential exercise included was personally revealing for me and, overall, I appreciated Sandy's warmth, responsiveness and intelligence as a workshop presenter."

Abby Seixas, M.Ed. LMHC, psychotherapist and author of Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman's Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life


"A really lovely and thorough review" writes director Adam Greydon Reid on his Facebook page, about his film Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames, in reference to my September 2012 blog post titled "Marion Woodman's Film Story Speaks to Our Time."

Andrew Greydon Reid, Director/Editor/Co-producer


"It was a real pleasure working with Sandy during our Zoomer Summer Film Festival at Richmond Hill Public Library. She was able to convey to the audience her dedication and passion about the topic and her craft. I could always count on Sandy to arrive promptly and well prepared. She researched each film thoroughly and was always prepared to lead an interesting and vibrant discussion. Beyond Sandy's abilities as a film facilitator, I valued her professionalism. I would recommend Sandy and welcome working with her again in the future."

Li Chen, Community Program Strategist
Richmond Hill Public Library, Ontario


"I have known Dr. Greer for almost 20 years and have participated as a committee member on both her Masters and Ph.D. theses. Sandy has always produced exemplary works leading me to invite her to submit chapters on two of my books. I have only received positive comments in respect to those chapters. Consequently, I am well acquainted with the wide range of her contributions as a journalist, media educator, director, writer, producer and researcher. I believe she is a media literacy expert.
"I have worked closely with her at the University of Toronto on Aboriginal issues with Aboriginal colleagues, and I know she is highly regarded in the Aboriginal community at large.
"In conclusion, Dr. Greer has a wide range of strengths. I have seldom met a person as well read as Dr. Greer, meaning that she stays on top of the many issues that contribute to her writing and teaching. As a person you will find that she is charming and someone who relates well to others."

Peter J. Gamlin, Ph.D., C. Psych
Professor Emeritus, Department of Adult Education, Community Development & Counselling Psychology
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

"Sandy and I first met at OISE/UT, as she was completing her doctoral studies. Even then, she impressed me as an exceptional human being whose kindness, intelligence, and creativity was evident in all of her interactions, regardless of audience and participants. Most refreshing was (and is) her commitment to mindfulness and genuine connection with peers and students alike.
"I learned quickly that Sandy's academic work is impeccable. It is thoroughly researched, very innovative, and highly engaging. As a writer myself, I came to admire her facility with "just the right words," and her ease with complex linguistic terminology.
"As long as I have known Sandy, she has been passionate about justice-based, liberatory, and transformative education. Sandy has been relentless in her pursuit to bring meaningful inclusion of diversity to her classrooms. Moreover, her challenge to injustice is evident in her work with Aboriginal people, and in her willingness to make personal and professional sacrifices to convey, through her art, important political messages."

Lina Medaglia, Ph.D.
Professor, General Arts and Sciences
George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario


"Sandy Greer combines media and journalistic savvy with a profound knowledge of, and sensitivity to, Native peoples. These qualities, combined with her gentle and inquiring manner, allow her to be an effective and understanding teacher."

Barry Duncan
Founder and Past President, Association for Media Literacy, Ontario

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