My Teaching Services



  • Sessional Professor
  • Guest Presenter
  • Lecturer
  • Workshop Facilitator (see Workshops services)
  • Tutor (see Mentoring services)
  • Writer-in-Residence



  • The Arts
  • Education
  • Filmmaking
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Media Literacy
  • Sociology
  • Spiritual Psychology



  • A passion for lifelong learning, and desire to help others tap into their own potential
  • Cross-cultural perspectives for learners, based on numerous personal/professional encounters
  • Media literacy concepts and practices suitable across curricula for all ages
  • A global view, based upon travels from the Canadian Yukon to Baffin Island, and USA and abroad
  • Active listening and transformative pedagogy skills to facilitate group interactions
  • Infusing curricula with critical thinking and problem solving activities
  • Expertise in oral and written communication skills, to help learners improve their own



  • Interdisciplinary - practices that show interconnections across fields of knowledge
  • Media Literate - concepts and practices to reveal how and why knowledge is constructed
  • Experiential - group work in classrooms and field trips with follow up assignments
  • Holistic - group activities and assignments to engage intellect, feelings, body and spirit
  • Environmentally Grounded - open learners' awareness to interrelationships with planetary life
  • Intercultural - deepen awareness about human family and our local/global interconnectedness
  • Transformative - ultimately deepen and expand consciousness of each learner


As a lifelong learner, further areas that I continue to study and instill in my teaching include: neuroscience, quantum physics, perennial wisdom, energy medicine, and how storytelling through history relates to psychological insights about the evolution of human consciousness.

*Specific courses under the curriculum areas can be designed in accordance with respective institutions and grade levels.

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