Selected Writings


Please go to the Writing Experience section under Writing to see the range of my writing experience. Contact me to request samples.

Instead of presenting selected writings here, I believe they will be better appreciated as reprints in future publications, because a significant amount of my deeply researched, published work refers to Canadian culture/history and, more specifically, Aboriginal issues that have ongoing human and environmental importance for us all.

As of 2014, I have decided not to make available my feature articles here, on principle, when apparently a growing number of educators believe that an author's professional work can be taken and used freely from a website, and other published sources, without compensation to the author.

Royalties, and reprint payments including for educational uses of a creators's productions, particularly for writers, comprise essential sources of revenue for creators, whether veteran or emerging. A livelihood, otherwise, is not sustainable.

Respect for the livelihoods of creators, particularly those who dedicated their lives in service to humanity and received very modest earnings in doing so, needs to be re-established in our society.

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