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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE/UT), 2001, Department of Adult Education and Counselling Psychology:
Invited by Professor Solveiga Miezitis, to demonstrate psychosynthesis principles to her graduate students (experienced helping professionals) in three of her psychology classes: "Creativity and Wellness," Oct. 9; "Personal Values and Organizational Change," Oct. 15; Narrative as Vehicle for Personal Change," Oct. 16.

University of Toronto, 1995, invited by Oneida First Nation professor Eileen Antone, in her course "Canadian Studies from a Native Perspective," to demonstrate media literacy as an approach to deconstruct the 500-year history of Euro-western images about Native people.

Trent University, 1992, invited by Anishnabe First Nation professor Bryan Loucks, in his course "Native People and Education," Department of Native Studies, to demonstrate media literacy as a tool to deconstruct Native stereotypes in popular culture and mainstream media.

University of Colorado, March 1991, invitations by two African American professors, Department of Journalism, to illustrate media literacy concepts and practices through the identification and deconstruction of popular culture stereotypes of Native Americans.

Professional development (PD) seminars in Ontario, during the 1990s, in which I described the importance of media literacy from the insider position of being a media professional, until Ontario government severely reduced professional development funds.


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